Ask Yourself This, is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering?

is tap water safe for bathing and showering? Unfortunately there are many health risks that are involved with our contact with chlorinated water that go far beyond simple consumption of the product. You may even be surprised to learn that a hot shower in unfiltered water is one of the most damaging to your health.

The steam that fills your bathroom when you are engaged in a hot shower is extremely dangerous to inhale, because you are actually taking in far fewer water vapors than you are of chlorine. This is due to the fact that chlorine vaporizes far more quickly than water does.

When you are inhaling these deadly vapors your body is taking in around 600% more of the chlorine than you normally would through consuming unfiltered tap water. This is one of those statistics that almost screams the answer to the question is tap water safe for bathing and showering?

The fact that you are drawing this chemical directly into the soft tissue of your lungs also means that it is entering your bloodstream more quickly. This is a very dangerous situation to be in if you suffer from asthma or other bronchial related ailment, because chlorine could trigger an attack.

Chlorine is a severely powerful respiratory irritant. I think that the fact that it was originally used in the form of a chemical weapon proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how much damage to your body this chemical is capable of inflicting. Still you ask is tap water safe for bathing and showering?

You are not only inhaling the chlorine gas into your system, but you are also taking in chloroform. This is the natural state of the disinfection process byproducts THMs. If you are showering, bathing, or washing clothes or dishes in hot water you are releasing chloroform gas into your home.

To answer the other part of the question is tap water safe for bathing and showering, sitting in chlorinated bath water allows your body to absorb the chemicals through the pores of your skin also. This can be equally harmful as THMs is a known carcinogen, and soaking in hot bath water over a period of time can predispose you to developing cancer.

So what can be done to help prevent this from happening? A good showerhead water filter will go a long way in preventing or reducing the chance that you will suffer any negative effects that you normally would. If you purchase one that comes with a handheld massager or wand feature it makes filling up the bath with clean water a breeze.

I think that I have effectively answered the question is tap water safe for bathing and showering? It is extremely important for the health of you and your family that you buy showerhead water filters for every bathroom in the house. This is the one and only way that you can be assured that the future safety of your family is guaranteed.

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Answered – Is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering?

Even people that seem to understand that our water is not sanitary enough to be drinking can sometimes be heard to ask is tap water safe for bathing and showering? The primary reason that it is not is because of the chlorine that is present, along with the THMs that the chlorine disinfection process produces.

The biggest danger that comes from taking a bath in chlorinated water is that the chemical will be absorbed by your skin. Now if you like to spend time taking long luxurious baths then this could become a problem because the longer that you are sitting in the bath the more chlorine that your body will absorb.

When people ask me is tap water safe for bathing and showering I always point out that one of the most unhealthy things that you can do is sit in a tub of chlorinated water for an hour or more. Medical professionals have stated that spending a lot of time swimming in chlorinated water greatly increased your risk of developing cancer.

The reason that I bring that up is that the maximum amount of chlorine that is legally allowable in a swimming pool is three parts per million, while in your drinking and bath water the allowable limit is four parts per million. This means that the amount of chlorine typically found in your water at home is enough to shut down a public pool.

Is tap water safe for bathing and showering if you don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in the water? For a bath I would say that it was “safer”, but for a shower there is really no safe amount of time. If you are in the shower long enough for the water to produce steam then it is not safe for you to be in there.

Once steam has been produced you have to realize that what you are then breathing in is primarily chlorine. Chlorine vaporizes at a far faster rate than water does, and chlorine inhaled into the lungs goes almost immediately into the bloodstream. You take in about 6,000 times more chlorine this way than if you were to drink water all day.

When someone asks is tap water safe for bathing and showering I always make sure to tell them that there is really no safe contact that we can have with chlorine because it is this very chemical that many scientists and medical professionals pinpoint as the number one cause for the incredible increase in cancer over the last century.

What I tend to advise people to do if they want to keep their families safe is to either invest in both high quality water filters and showerhead filters. Some showerhead filters even have removable wands so that filling up the bathtub is a breeze. You might even opt to simply get a whole house filter to remove all doubt.

Is tap water safe for bathing and showering? You are most welcome to do your own research. For me, the answer is no, it is absolutely not safe I’m afraid.

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Is Tap Water Really Safe For Bathing and Showering?

Any TV viewer has seen advertisements for some sort of transdermal patch. Normally that patch contains a medication. The person who wears that patch receives a slow and steady administration of that medication. Yet the TV viewers who are familiar with such ads seldom think to ask this question: “Is tap water safe for bathing and showering?”

Few people ask that question, although few people pass-up the chance to enjoy a hot shower. During a hot shower, the pores in the skin allow into the body any chemicals that might hit the skin. If the water from the tap contains any harmful chemicals, then those chemicals can enter the body while some human takes a hot shower.

The above paragraph highlights the reason that every homeowner should ask this question: “Is tap water safe for bathing and showering?” After all, even some of the chemicals that are meant to make water safe to drink can damage the body, if they enter the body through the pores of the skin.

Exposure to chlorine, for example, can cause cancer. The time that most humans spend in a bath of shower allows a generous amount of chlorine to enter the body. In fact, the body can get more chlorine through the skin than it can by having chlorinated water sent down the esophagus.

Moreover, chlorine represents only one of the thousands of chemicals that are in the typical sample of tap water. A showerhead or bathtub faucet allows water with at least 2,100 different chemicals into the tub or shower stall, if it has not been equipped with a suitable filter

In addition, a hot shower causes the formation of huge amounts of water vapor. That vapor contains all of the chemicals that are in the water that passes through the faucet or showerhead. If that water contains chemicals that have gone undetected in a municipal treatment plant, then the person who steps from the bath or shower inhales those same chemicals.

When chemicals are inhaled, they pass immediately from the air sac into the blood stream. The inhalation of chemicals poses a greater danger than the drinking of water that contains those same chemicals. That fact illustrates the significance of the question “Is tap water safe for bathing and showering?”

This question, “Is tap water safe for bathing and showering?” calls attention to a less than obvious reason for purchasing a water filter. Too often, a homeowner simply buys a filter for the kitchen faucet. Too often, a homeowner thinks only about the water that residents and guests are apt to drink. Too few homeowners ever find it necessary to ponder this question: “Is tap water safe for bathing and showering?”

Once a homeowner has realized the importance of that question, then that homeowner appreciates the value of a well-designed filter on a showerhead or a bathtub faucet. If a homeowner should chose to purchase such a filter, then that homeowner ought to consider buying an activated carbon filter

When used in combination with ion exchange filtration and micron filtration, the activated carbon filter does the most effective job of removing unwanted chemicals from the water in a home plumbing system. That combination of filters creates water that is both safe to drink, and also safe enough to stream into a shower stall, or to flow into a bath tub.

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Is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering? 7 Surprising Facts You Need to Know

Is tap water safe for bathing and showering? Looks like a simple question upon first glance. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. In this article we’re going to learn 7 facts that just might surprise you about the “is tap water safe for bathing and showering question”.

Fact #1 – Using tap water to bathe and shower can be relatively safe if you want to make some changes in the way you do it. If you take short cool baths or showers tap water will not do much harm and that is the short answer. However, not many people enjoy quick cool baths or showers on a regular basis.

Fact #2 – If you’re like most people you enjoy a nice hot shower, or relaxing bath, and this is where the problems begin. When you shower or bathe in warm or hot water the pores of your skin open and can let any harmful pollutants that may be in your water enter your bloodstream such as chlorine. It has been established that people who are exposed to chlorine over long periods of time have a much greater risk of cancer.

Fact #3 – You take into your body much more chlorine than drinking tap water. Almost everything that you skin is exposed to ends up in your bloodstream. Think of how a nicotine, birth control, or weight loss patches work. They are placed on your skin which then absorbs the drugs. Sitting in a bath tub or taking that hot shower takes in way more chlorine than drinking water and actually presents the greater danger.

Fact #4 – It’s a fact that there are over 2,100 different chemicals in the water supply of most major cities throughout the country. This is mainly due to our use of SOC’s (synthetic organic chemicals) that enter the water system that are unable to be filtered out by city water treatment facilities.

Fact #5 – Your body takes in ten to fifty times the amount of harmful chemicals in a ten minute shower or bath than from drinking a glass of the same water.

Fact #6 – Taking a hot shower or bath causes steam to form and vaporizes the harmful chemicals which you breathe in during your shower or bath. These vaporized chemicals are even more potent because you are inhaling them and they get into your bloodstream even faster. Did you know that during World War 1 chlorine gas was used as a chemical weapon?

Fact #7 – The best way to protect your self from the effects of chlorine and other toxic chemicals is to consider purchasing a quality shower filtration system. The best possible system giving you the best protection will use a 2 stage filter cartridge that removes chlorine and the synthetic chemicals, THMs and VOCs that vaporize from tap water and are inhaled or absorbed through the skin. People who use these types of filters say it’s like showering in natural spring water.

Make sure the shower filtration system you consider uses the 2 stage filter system mentioned above if you want the best results. These systems are not expensive if you buy them Manufacturer Direct over the Internet from the company that makes them. They are easy to locate with a little effort.

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Is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering? Your Daily Shower Could Be Dangerous

Is tap water safe for bathing and showering? Now, that is a question you really need to think about. Sure, a lot of people think about their tap water and whether it is safe to drink, but could your daily shower really be dangerous?

No doubt you love your hot shower, but maybe you have started thinking about what all is in your water. That hot shower feels wonderful, but is tap water safe for bathing and showering when there are so many chemicals and other contaminants in water?

Well, let us take a look. First of all, you need to think about the makeup of the skin. Your skin has many pores. The pores of the skin allow your skin to breathe. The thing is, not only can the body release things through the pores, but things can be introduced to the body through those pores as well.

When you get in that warm shower, the warm water actually allows the pores to open up even more than normal. This means that the chemicals that may be in the water end up be absorbed through your skin. Those nasty contaminants may be entering your body through your skin, every single time that you get a shower.

This is why you should definitely be asking, is tap water safe for bathing and showering. There is a problem with you showering in water that is contaminated. Your body is being exposed to those chemicals and it could lead to a variety of health problems.

Not only are there many different contaminants in the water you bathe in, but chlorine, which is used to help treat the water, is dangerous as well. When you shower in the water, quite a bit of the chlorine is able to get into your water. In fact, you can end up with more chlorine in your body by just taking a shower than you would get if you actually drank the water.

As you take your shower, not only are you absorbing chemicals through your pores, but you could be inhaling them as well. The shower makes water vapor form, and this vapor can contain the chemicals too. As you inhale while you shower, you are inhaling these chemicals, which means you are getting a double dose of the contaminants that are in the water.

So, is tap water safe for bathing and showering? It may not be! While most people just add filters to their kitchen faucets so they can safely drink the water, they often forget that they are bathing in it. However, you can make your water safe for bathing by using a shower filter to make sure your water is clean and pure for bathing and shower purposes.

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